Friends (and Family) Gathering

I took two days off last week because I had many occasions on my hometown. Besides, I have excess leave that I need to burn (not really, since my office applies four-days compulsory leave for end year holiday). So, I went home on Thursday morning by bus.

Overall, I did nothing during my days off. Just laying here and there inside my house while the heavy rain poured outside. Yes, Semarang has very wet days. On Friday, I went to downtown, visited some stores (alone) because I got something to buy for the next day.

So, Saturday is the day. It was my friend’s wedding day, a good friend from the college era. My good friends (well, some of them) came to the town as well. We were gathered on the wedding reception venue and did a quick hellos and talks. We realized of how the time flies so fast. It’s been 8 years ago since we met during our freshman year in college and maybe 4-5 year ago since we were all graduated and go to our real battlefield (or adult life).

We wore purple things at the wedding. Sorry for the blurry picture, but that’s me on second left

Sadly, that was too fast meeting. I need more time to satisfy our thirst, to catch up what’s I missed, etc. But we’ll meet again my friends, next time.

Sunday was my time for going back to Jogja, but this time is very special since I won’t go home alone. My big family accompanied me because we had special occasion that we have planned long time ago. We went to G’s house and met his big family too. I won’t say what was the purpose and what happened that day since you might already know.

We ate a lot of food, they were super delicious. Happy tummy, happy meeting, and happy time. We took a picture as the memory


Foto kiriman Daniela Ria (@danielaria) pada Nov 20, 2016 pada 5:00 PST

Those are the highlights of my week. I also have finished my supervisor review for this year and I am grateful for that. I don’t mind the result since I believe that God has a best plan for me.

So, what’s the plan for next week?


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